The Air Conditioning Repair Questions You Need To Ask Your Future Contractor

What should you ask your would-be future HVAC contractor? Whether you need to schedule routine maintenance, air conditioning repair, or an installation, take a look at the questions you might not have thought to ask a heating and cooling company pro before you schedule an appointment. Does the Warranty Really Matter? Newer mini split ductless systems, compressors, and central AC units may still have warranties. While a warranty can save you from paying unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses, it doesn't cover everything. [Read More]

3 Considerations For Zoning Your New AC System

Zoned systems can be an excellent option to improve both efficiency and comfort. With a zoned HVAC system, you don't need to cool your entire home at all times. This approach can mean spending less money if parts of your home often remain unoccupied or if your family members have very different temperature preferences. However, zoning isn't a cure-all. As with other HVAC design choices, there are times when zoning can be beneficial, and there are other times when it may provide little benefit or even harm system efficiency. [Read More]

Getting Your Air Conditioning System Ready For The Summer

As the spring and summer months are approaching, it is important to make sure that you are taking the time to prepare your air conditioning system for regular use. Failing to take basic steps to ready the AC system can cause your home to experience poor air circulation and control, and a heightened risk of the system malfunctioning at some point. Filter Change Before the start of warm weather, the filter for the air conditioning system should be changed. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Central AC Evaporator Coil Leaks

In many ways, the evaporator coils are the most important part of your central air conditioner. Evaporator coils cool the air directly when you use your AC. They accomplish this by evaporating refrigerant and absorbing heat from the air around them. When refrigerant leaks out of the evaporator coils, it can create serious problems for your air conditioner. Here's what you should know to identify and resolve central AC evaporator coil leaks. [Read More]