A Furnace Tune-Up: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Heating System

If your furnace has ever stopped working, it probably happened on one of the coldest days of the year. This is always the time a furnace tends to stop working, but did you know that you might be able to prevent your furnace from stopping when you need it the most? You can do this through furnace maintenance, and the best type of maintenance is called a furnace tune-up. Here are several important things to know about heating maintenance services. [Read More]

5 Radiant Floor Installation Mistakes

Radiant floor heating can make your home feel much more comfortable throughout. Rather than placing your feet on a cold ground in the morning, your feet will feel warm and toasty without the need for slippers. However, for the radiant floor system to work, you must make sure that you do not make any of these installation mistakes.  Mistake #1: Not Testing The radiant floor heating system must be tested thoroughly before the floor slab is poured. [Read More]