Getting Your Air Conditioning System Ready For The Summer

As the spring and summer months are approaching, it is important to make sure that you are taking the time to prepare your air conditioning system for regular use. Failing to take basic steps to ready the AC system can cause your home to experience poor air circulation and control, and a heightened risk of the system malfunctioning at some point.

Filter Change

Before the start of warm weather, the filter for the air conditioning system should be changed. Changing this filter can be instrumental in allowing the system to get the maximum amount of airflow through it while still effectively removing dust and dirt. While the system may not be used during the winter months, it is still possible for large amounts of dust to gather on the filter, and this could impact the performance of the system.

Exhaust And Vent Inspections

Inspecting the system's exhaust and vents can be another important step in readying the air conditioning system for the hot months. These inspections can allow for any obstructions that may have formed to be removed before the system is used regularly. On the exterior of the unit, you will want to pay special attention to leaves and sticks that may have gotten lodged in these vents. These materials can be extremely effective at blocking the flow of air, which can substantially increase the demand on your air conditioning system. In addition to checking for obstructions, these vents should also be checked for signs of warping. Debris hitting the exterior of the air conditioning system can have enough force to warp the vents, which could also reduce airflow. Restoring vents that have become warped is possible for a professional with suitable tools.

Checking The Refrigerant In The System

Having a sufficient amount of refrigerant in the air conditioning system can be essential for allowing it to function correctly. Fortunately, air conditioning systems can make it easy for individuals to check their unit's refrigeration levels. Often, there will be a pressure gauge on the unit that can be reviewed to determine whether it has enough refrigerant in it. In situations where the refrigerant gauge shows that its pressure is low, professional repairs will be needed for the system. This is due to the fact that the refrigerant loop for the air conditioning is a closed system that should maintain constant pressure. A decrease can indicate that there is a leak somewhere in the system that will have to be sealed.

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