A Furnace Tune-Up: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Heating System

If your furnace has ever stopped working, it probably happened on one of the coldest days of the year. This is always the time a furnace tends to stop working, but did you know that you might be able to prevent your furnace from stopping when you need it the most? You can do this through furnace maintenance, and the best type of maintenance is called a furnace tune-up. Here are several important things to know about heating maintenance services.

What They Include

A typical furnace tune-up includes several important steps, and each is very important. The first step is inspecting all the parts of the system to make sure they work right and to look for signs of corrosion or other problems. If they find problems, they will tell you about them and will recommend replacing them in most cases.

Secondly, the HVAC company will grease all the components to make sure they move freely. Greasing the parts of a heating system is important as it helps the system function easier and protects the system from friction.

Finally, the HVAC company will clean the entire system. This will include replacing the furnace filter and cleaning all the parts of the system so it is dust-free. Typically, HVAC technicians use a shop-vac to complete this part of the tune-up. A shop-vac generally has attachments they can use to reach inside the device to such up dirt, dust, and other types of debris.

The Benefits This Offers

There are many benefits you can experience by getting a furnace tune-up. Here are four of the top benefits this service offers:

  1. Improvement in efficiency – A clean system will work more efficiently than a dirty system with worn-out parts. An improvement in efficiency will help you save money on energy costs, because the system will run less and produce the same amount of heat.
  2. Lower risk of the furnace breaking down in the winter – With clean parts and everything checked, you can be certain that your system will work great all winter. There will be a lower risk that the furnace will stop this winter.
  3. Longer life expectancy – Whenever you take good care of a system in your home, it will last longer. If you want to replace your system less often, get it tuned up.
  4. Cleaner air in your home – It's also important to realize that a clean system will make a difference with the quality of the air in your home. Your system will spread less dust, debris, and allergens in your house if it is clean.

These are the top benefits offered through a furnace tune-up. If you want to reap these benefits, you will need to call and schedule a tune-up for your system. Most companies do not charge a lot of money for a standard tune-up; however, you can call and ask the price for this before scheduling an appointment.

When You Should Get One

Getting a furnace tune-up is something you should do every year. You only need this once a year, and the best time to get one is during the fall right before winter sets in. By choosing to get your furnace tuned up in the fall, you can make sure that the system is ready for winter. After the tune-up, your system will be clean and greased and will be ready to heat your home for the entire season.

Getting your furnace tuned up is a great way to ensure that it works properly all year long. If you would like to schedule an appointment for services, contact a company that specializes in heating maintenance services.