A Few Important Health Reasons To Have Regular Air Conditioning Servicing

Having your air conditioner serviced annually is a good way to keep it in optimum running condition. This will extend the life of the unit, keep your energy bills lower, and have small problems repaired before they become something major. While these are very good reasons to have routine maintenance performed, there are a few even more important reasons, and these involve the health of you and our family. Mold and Fungi [Read More]

Air Conditioner Problem: Squealing Noise

Central air conditioning systems are made up of different moving parts. There are pistons and motors in their compressors, moving fans in their air handlers, and other mechanical parts that are essential to not only cooling air but also distributing it inside the areas that they are supposed to cool. The movement of these parts usually gives off different sounds that are normal. But squealing noises? Those are not normal air conditioner noises and are usually an indication of air conditioner problems. [Read More]

4 Things To Consider Before Buying An HVAC Unit For Your Home

Investing in heating and air conditioning is possibly one of the biggest investments you can make in the functionality and comfort of your home. Therefore, when you start shopping with an HVAC sales and service center to narrow down the best unit, it can feel like an overwhelming decision to make. It doesn't make it any easier that there are so many choices and so many variables within those choices that can lead you down a road of confusion. [Read More]