A Few Important Health Reasons To Have Regular Air Conditioning Servicing

Having your air conditioner serviced annually is a good way to keep it in optimum running condition. This will extend the life of the unit, keep your energy bills lower, and have small problems repaired before they become something major. While these are very good reasons to have routine maintenance performed, there are a few even more important reasons, and these involve the health of you and our family.

Mold and Fungi

The inside of your air conditioning unit and the ducts are a great place for molds and fungi to live and breed. The spores will then be blown through the house in the air that you breathe. Anyone with allergies in the house will definitely suffer from more frequent and violent attacks. However, anyone in the house may experience the symptoms of sick house disease including a runny nose, headaches, and fatigue. A professional technician will look for any signs of mold and fungi and clean them out so your family does not have to suffer.


Having a cold or any other illness during the summer is awful. Unfortunately, an air conditioner recycles the air in your home, and with it any germs that are airborne. This may be the reason your family keeps passing an illness around, and the whole family cannot be well at the same time. When the service technician comes to the house, make sure he or she not only checks the air conditioning unit but the ventilation in your home as well. Having proper ventilation will help push the air in the home to the outside. The germs will also go with this air, and allow for better air to come back into the house and be circulated by the AC unit. If you have a bug going around the family, try cracking a window or two to allow for better ventilation until you can get the technician out to check over everything.

A good, clean air conditioner will keep your home free of pollen and outside moisture. On hot summer days, it will bring relief to the heat and make your home more comfortable. However, if you choose to neglect regular servicing, your electric bill will go up, and your family may be more uncomfortable due to a summer cold or disease. Take advantage of all an air conditioner has to offer, but be sure to take care of it to avoid the problems that may arise. For more information, go to websites like http://alwaysreadyrepair.com/.