4 Common AC Appliance Issues And How To Fix Them

Air conditioning is necessary, and a malfunctioning appliance can cause discomfort. Repairs can also be expensive, and your unit must always be in good shape. Fortunately, most AC issues can be fixed and avoided. A well-trained air conditioning repair expert can identify and fix any issues and help you avoid pricey repairs. Below are a few common AC appliance issues you may face and how to fix them.

Your AC Fails To Power Up

If your appliance fails to switch on, there are some things you can do before calling a technician. Start by examining the thermostat and removing any old batteries. If this doesn't help, look at the thermostat setting and ensure it is set correctly. Check the circuit breaker if your thermostat displays something and your appliance is not working because it might have tripped. If this is the case, try resetting it. Your unit may fail to power up for many other reasons, so have an AC expert examine your unit.

Your Appliance Blows Warm Air

Your AC will blow warm or hot air if the filter is dirty or clogged. If your appliance blows warm air, confirm that the thermostat settings have not been reset. If the settings are fine, consider replacing the filter. In case the problem persists, then the freon level could be low. If this is the case, get in touch with an AC expert to seal the broken reservoir and recharge it. 

Your Unit Is Leaking 

It is normal for your AC unit to have some amount of condensation. However, excessive fluid might indicate some issues. Mold and debris can sometimes be blamed for clogged condensate pipes, and unclogging it will need to be taken with caution. Remember, if the drip pan is damaged, you run the risk of flooding your home. Therefore, engage an AC professional and have the unit fixed. 

Your AC Is Noisy

You should be able to feel your appliance working but not hear it. An AC that is deteriorating will emit different sounds, making it hard to identify or diagnose the problem. Squealing or screeching sounds might be an indication that the belt is worn out or faulty, and a rattling noise might indicate issues with the compressor, fan, or motor. 

Regular maintenance of your appliance can help you extend its life and avoid expensive repairs. Therefore, get in touch with an AC repair expert to help identify, diagnose, and fix any issues with your unit. 

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