Reasons To Add A Heat Recovery System To Your Home

In most households, the heating cost takes a significant proportion of the energy bill. So, if your home isn't efficient, you could be wasting thousands on energy bills. Other than insulating your home, you can add a heat recovery system. Here is everything you should know about it and why it will be a great addition to your home.

Importance of a Heat Recovery System

While most tips to lower energy bills, like installing an automatic thermostat, are helpful, a heat recovery system is more dedicated. It can significantly impact your heating expenses while improving your comfort. The system is important because it addresses homes' inefficiency, a common downside.

To save on heating, your home needs to be more efficient. You need to ensure there are no cracks or air leaks within the house. While sealing drafts could reduce air leaks, you will have stale air around the house to breathe. So, sealing cracks solves the efficiency challenge but creates a comfort problem.

A heat recovery system offers both efficiency and comfort. It is designed to bring air directly into the house. There is a fan to bring in air and another to blow the stale air out. A heat exchange happens as heat is transferred from the air being blown out to the air coming in. The air remains fresh and clean but at the desired temperature. Therefore, the air that flows in is at the same temperature as the air indoors. Therefore, your HVAC unit won't waste energy heating up the air.

Advantages of Installing the System

There are numerous advantages of the heat recovery system. First, it reduces energy wastage, which translates to cheaper fuel costs. After installing the system, you can seal drafts, close windows, and have fresh air circulating in your home. Besides, opening windows could let in dust and allergens from outside, which could cause problems for people with respiratory diseases.

Second, they are adjustable and can move air at a rate of 200 cfm. This rate is enough for most homes, even if the system doesn't always have to run at full capacity. So, you can adjust the fan to low, medium, or high speed, depending on your daily needs.

Third, the system is particularly advantageous if you live in a high moisture zone. The system will repeatedly blow out the humid air and, in place, bring fresh and dry air, keeping you comfortable.

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