The Furnace Replacement Guide To Get More With The Right Heating Improvements

When it is time for a furnace replacement, you want to get the most from your investment. Therefore, there are certain heating improvements that you want to consider for your new furnace installation. You may want to add improvements to the ductwork design and upgrade other heating equipment with your furnace replacement. The following information will help you choose the best heating improvements for your furnace replacement.

Redesigning Ducts for Energy Efficiency

The ductwork may be one of the first areas where you want to consider investing in improvements. Some of the different options to consider to redesign your ducts include:

  • Shorter ducts to reduce thermal energy loss
  • Better insulation to prevent air leaks and energy loss
  • Zoned design with dampers for more efficient heating

These are some of the solutions that you may want to consider to redesign ductwork when replacing your furnace.

Installing Smart Thermostat Controls

Another improvement to consider investing in is a smart thermostat control system. This can be a great investment if you are also investing in improvements to the ductwork when replacing your furnace. These controls will allow you to control your HVAC with a phone app. They can also be used to control the different zones of your home with the main panel and individual controls for the separate zones.

More Efficient Motors for Heating Equipment

There are also motors that your furnace uses to blow heat through the system. This can be a fan for the heating elements and burner inside the furnace or a blower fan for ductwork. These are components that can be replaced with more efficient electrical motors. The furnace will probably have its own efficient fan, but you will want to consider replacing the blower motor too. This can greatly improve the efficiency of your heating system when you have the furnace replaced.

High-Efficiency Furnaces to Replace Outdated Systems

Today, there are also several options for more efficient furnaces. First, you may want to consider a high-efficiency electric furnace, which can power your heating system efficiently. There are also options for high-efficiency gas furnaces and heating oil systems. The gas and oil systems are more conventional furnace designs with a more efficient design.

These are heating system improvements that you may want to invest in when replacing your furnace. If your furnace has reached the end of its life, contact a furnace replacement service for help with these repairs.