Great Buying Tips To Consider When Looking For A New AC Unit

During the summer, the most important home appliance is the AC unit. If it's old or experiencing a lot of costly repairs, it may be time for a new unit. Choosing the right model can be extremely easy if you take advantage of these buying tips. 

Choose the Right Unit Size 

AC units today can vary quite a lot in terms of their size. It's important to choose the right sized unit because if you don't, you may spend more than you need to on energy bills every month. Start by assessing the square footage of your home.

This figure should be listed somewhere in your home's blueprints. Once you have this square footage figure, you'll have a much better idea of what unit size to select. Keep in mind that the larger the unit, the more square footage it can cool. Also note that bigger units typically cost more. 

Prioritize Energy Efficiency 

Although there are many factors to assess with an air conditioning unit, none are more important than energy efficiency. After all, this factor will determine how much money you pay on monthly energy bills. 

You'll know that an AC unit is energy efficient if it has an Energy Star rating. This basically certifies the unit was made with energy efficiency in mind. It should say somewhere in the product description if a particular unit has this rating or not. 

The SEER (seasonal energy-efficiency rating) is another system you can use to tell how energy efficient an AC unit is. The higher this rating is, the more energy efficient an AC unit is.

Opt for Central Air Conditioning 

There are many different types of AC units you can have installed today, from portable units to ductless systems. One of the best options to consider is central air conditioning. It comes with many benefits.

For one, central air conditioning units make less noise because the major unit is placed outdoors. These units also work exceptionally well at bringing cool air in compared to other AC types. You can thus reach the right temperature range relatively quickly, which is important on a hot summer day. Finally, central air conditioning units often come with warranties. You can thus save yourself a lot of money on potential repairs over the years.

When your home is in need of a new AC unit, you shouldn't take this decision lightly. Carefully assess your options and think about what would work best for your property and budget.