3 Mistakes To Avoid To Improve HVAC Efficiency

If your home doesn't seem to be heating and cooling as efficiently as it once did, there's several things to look into within your home before you call in the professionals for help. Here, you'll find a short list of things to look into around your home to improve the efficiency of the heating and cooling system.

Furnace Filter

How long has it been since you've last changed the filter inside your furnace? Are you using the right filter for your system? If the furnace filter doesn't fit properly, or if you've purchased a flimsy, ineffective filter, the system will be exposed to lots of dust and debris that could have been prevented.

Don't play a guessing game with the filter. If you don't know what filter the furnace needs to run efficiently, talk with an HVAC technician for assistance. He or she will be able to look at the model of the furnace and look up the type of filter that works best with it.

Thermostat Issues

Two mistakes that many people make when it comes to the thermostat is hiding it behind a picture, curtain, or other item, and failing to replace the batteries often.

The thermostat must never be covered with anything. Inside the thermostat is a thermometer that takes readings of the room. When something blocks the free flow of air around the thermostat, it will not get an accurate reading and will cause the system to kick on and off when it shouldn't.

Closed Vents

The HVAC system is more intricate than you might think. If you've closed off vents in rooms that aren't used often, or if you have furniture sitting on the vents, you're disrupting the air flow of the entire system.

As an HVAC system is designed, lots of things are taken into consideration. The ductwork and vents are placed where they are for a reason, so if you begin blocking off vents and cold air returns, you'll decrease the efficiency of the system.

If you'd like to eliminate an area of your home from the HVAC system, talk with your HVAC technician prior to doing anything. He or she will be able to determine if shutting off that vent will decrease the efficiency of the system.

Don't put off getting things looked at if you've noticed a significant increase in your utility costs. There could be an issue that needs to be addressed before something more serious goes wrong. For the best heating and air conditioning, talk to an HVAC service.