Moving To A House With Propane Heat? 4 Things You Need To Know

Are you about to move into a house that has propane as its energy source for heat? This fuel source can be cleaner than using oil, and often cheaper than electricity. However, there are some things that you should know about the system before you move into the home.

1. Who Owns The Propane Tank?

The ownership of the propane tank is not always clear. In fact, the tank may be owned by the company that supplies the propane. While renting a tank does involve a monthly feel, it means you'll never pay for maintenance if something is wrong with it.

2. How Big Is The Propane Tank?

If the tank is buried underground, it will be hard to know how big the tank actually is. Find out the current tank's size, so you can estimate how much propane is used and how much it will cost to have the tank refilled. A smaller tank will also result in needing frequent propane refills during the winter as you start to regularly use more fuel for heat.

3. Where Is The Propane Tank Located?

An above ground tank will be easy to spot. However, an underground tank may not be so obvious. You'll want to know where the propane tank is located for a couple of reasons. First of all, you need to access the tank for refilling and servicing when the time eventually comes. But you also want to be aware of the location for if you plan on doing any construction on your property. You do not want to start digging and accidentally find your home's propane tank underground.

4. What Maintenance Has Been Performed On The Propane Tank?

Every propane tank will need maintenance at some point to make sure it's running properly. Hopefully, the previous homeowner has a record of what maintenance has been done on the tank. This can be as simple as holding onto receipts so that you have service dates and information about what work was done, as well as who did the service.

If you do not know who has worked on the tank in the past, now is the time to start researching HVAC contractors that you can use in the future. Not only do you want a professional that can help with servicing the propane tank, but servicing the parts inside your home, such as the furnace, the fuel source lines, and the blower motor.

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