Maintenance Tips For Your Air Conditioner As You Battle The Heat Wave

Are things especially heating up this summer in your neck of the woods? It's important to keep providing regular maintenance and care on your air conditioner if you know it's getting quite the workout right now trying to keep your house cool. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Top Off the Refrigerant

Your A/C needs to have a good supply of refrigerant if you want it to keep doing its job properly. You should check your current refrigerant levels and top off the supply if it seems like it's low. More refrigerant will help the air conditioner operate more efficiently and maintain the right temperature in your home.

Clean What You Can

Keep your air conditioner as clean as possible to help keep things running smoothly and efficiently. One big thing to keep clean is your air filter. A washable air filter should be cleaned out once a month if your air conditioner is seeing very heavy use. If you have disposable air filters, remember to replace them.

Beyond the air filter, you should also keep the inside of your unit cleaned out as much as possible. Disconnect it, open it up, and clean the blower and other components of dust or debris. If you have an outdoor central air unit, make sure there are no grass, weeds, or other obstructions too close to the unit.

Lubricate Moving Parts

When you are inside the air conditioning unit to give it a bit of a cleaning, this may also be a good time to lubricate certain parts. Moving parts such as components to the fan or motor might be able to move more easily with a little lubrication. Lubrication can help reduce wear or tear and extend the life of your air conditioner.

Check Drainage Line

Your condensate drain line is responsible for getting water created by your air conditioner out of the home. This line could pick up debris over time as water moves through it, eventually leading to a clog. Clear out the drainage line if you notice debris inside of it in order to prevent a leak that could cause damage.

Hire a Professional

For the best results when it comes to helping your air conditioning system make it through the summer, bring in an air conditioning services professional to help you. Your hired pro will be able to tackle all of the above maintenance tasks and then some.

Contact a local company to learn more about air conditioning services.