Boiler Service: 3 Signs Indicating Your Boiler Needs Professional Repair

A boiler is one of the critical appliances in commercial and residential settings. It helps heat your home or office, mainly during the winter months. However, it needs proper maintenance to produce heat or function properly. Most boilers break down or develop problems when regular maintenance is overlooked. The good thing about these appliances is that most of the problems they develop can be repaired. But if you don't act fast, the issues may aggravate and become irreparable. In this case, you may have to replace the boiler, which could be a bit more expensive. Here are three signs indicating your boiler needs repair. 

It Produces Funky Odors

If you have used your boiler for at least a year, you could be familiar with the smells it produces while running. However, the smell could change with time—something you shouldn't ignore. The boiler may sometimes release a sulfur-like or metallic odor, which could be quite alarming. It could also produce odd odors if it doesn't get adequate oxygen to burn properly. Usually, boilers leak carbon dioxide (an odorless and colorless gas) when they don't burn as required. In this case, you should contact an expert in boiler repair services for help.

It Makes Odd Noises

A well-maintained boiler should run quietly. The occasional noise it makes when starting is usually normal. Nonetheless, strange noises are a sign of danger. For instance, persistent whirring sounds indicate the boiler is in bad shape. It could also make a clunking or banging noise if one of its components is broken or damaged. A repair professional should inspect your boiler and diagnose why it's noisy. They can quickly get to the root of the problem and fix it immediately.

You Incur Higher Heating Costs

Your monthly heating bills can help you know something is wrong with your boiler. You can experience a sharp increase in heating costs when your boiler is faulty because it works harder to produce the heat required. If your boiler is several years old, it may not be as efficient as it was when new. So, you may blame it for the hiked heating bills, mainly if your home is adequately insulated and has no air leaks. Repair technicians know the problems that older boilers develop, how they contribute to hiked energy bills, and the best way to fix them.

If you have a boiler, check it regularly to know when it needs professional repairs. It should be checked before the winter season begins to ensure it's ready for the cold weather.

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