Reasons For Unusual On-And-Off Heat Pump Cycling

A heat pump offers added indoor comfort during the cold winter months. This system moves hot air from the outdoors to the building's interior, making it warmer. So unlike other residential heating systems, this pump cuts down energy costs since it transfers heat rather than generates it. But if the unit begins to experience short cycles, your home won't reach optimum temperature levels. This article looks at a few reasons your heat pump is turning on and off irregularly.

A Filthy Air Filter

Filters keep the air clean by preventing dirt, lint, pollen, and other airborne particulates from entering the unit. Despite that, filters will clog up with these contaminants, restricting airflow. This clogging causes a strain on the unit's ability to draw adequate air for heating. As a result, it will overheat. Consequently, overheating triggers the limit switch, turning the system off. Once the unit cools down, the limit switch will reset, resulting in short cycling. In this case, you should hire a repair expert to change the filters.

Refrigerant Leaks 

The coolant absorbs heat from the air outside and moves it to your house's interior. Unfortunately, the line set can leak the refrigerant due to age-related deterioration. Additionally, constant vibrations can loosen the connections and access fittings on the line set. As a result, the refrigerant will leak, reducing the cooling output. This forces the compressor to operate much harder to circulate the depleting refrigerant. And when the compressor overheats, the system will turn off and on intermittently. Call in a technician for emergency HVAC repairs.

Underlying Thermostat Issues

Your heat pump's thermostat allows indoor climate control by displaying the current room temperature. But if you place your thermostat in the wrong spot, it can malfunction. For example, a thermostat that's too near heat-producing appliances causes irregular heat pump cycling. Furthermore, a thermostat that is worn down due to age will detect temperatures inaccurately. As a result, it will relay erratic information, making the heat pump experience short cycling.

Compressor Damage

If you notice unusual on-and-off heat pump cycles, the compressor is likely failing. Since the condenser unit houses the compressor, it is vulnerable to damage by environmental elements. For instance, twigs and stones can damage the suction lines, causing the compressor to overheat in an attempt to pump enough coolant through the unit. As a result, the system will short cycle, making it harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Short cycling increases the rate of wear and tear, making your unit vulnerable to breakdowns. Therefore, you should engage the services of an emergency HVAC repair technician as soon as you detect unusual behavior.