Boiler Maintenance And Repair To Keep Your Home Warm

As the cold weather approaches, it's time to get your heating system ready to keep your home comfortable. The longevity of your boiler depends on a number of factors. The quality of the boiler you purchase, how well you maintain your boiler, and how often the boiler needs to run will all impact how long your boiler lasts. When you invest in good maintenance before the heating season begins, your boiler is less likely to need an emergency repair. Even if you forget to get your boiler serviced before the heating season is in full swing, you can still get your boiler serviced to improve the heating capabilities when you remember.

Avoiding Residential Boiler Repair Emergencies

The best way to avoid an emergency boiler repair is to be proactive in taking care of your heating system. If you suddenly don't have heat, and the weather is freezing, you will need to call for emergency repair services to prevent pipes from freezing. When you get routine maintenance done, any potential problems are uncovered early. The HVAC technician who comes to service your boiler will be able to identify any problems and recommend all repairs that will keep your system working well for the winter.

Signs You Need Boiler Repair

There are a number of reasons you may need to have your boiler repaired. If you hear a loud noise when the system turns on, there could be a problem with the fuel delivery. If the home won't get warm enough, this can be a simple issue with your thermostat or something more complex. When your boiler turns on and off frequently without warming up your home, this will use excessive energy because your system is short cycling. If you notice new odors or sounds when your boiler is turned on, it's time to call for a repair.

Your boiler system should last for years with only routine maintenance and small repairs made each year. You will have your boiler optimized, and it will keep you warm for less money when the system is efficient. You will need to call for a boiler repair when:

  • The system won't turn on and the circuit breaker hasn't tripped
  • You hear a loud banging noise when it turns on
  • The system won't warm up your home despite being on

Protect the lifespan of your boiler and get the repairs you need right away. Call a residential boiler repair professional to make an appointment.