What's That Smell? Don't Wait to Find Out!

Imagine this scenario: you've been noticing some odd behavior with your home's plumbing for a while. Perhaps you've been hearing gurgling when flushing toilets or noticing that your drains don't seem to be running as freely as usual. These problems can be a little offputting and frustrating, but you might not think too much of them.

Of course, minor plumbing headaches are usually early warning signs of something more severe, and disaster often strikes when you least expect it. A slight gurgling can suddenly become a sewage backup, leading to every homeowner's worst nightmare. If you're in the habit of putting off your plumbing problems, consider these three reasons why an unusual smell or sound might be a genuine emergency.

1. You Can't See Into Your Pipes

It'd be nice to have x-ray vision that allows you to see deep into your home's plumbing. If you had superpowers, you could tell whether your slow-running kitchen sink is the result of a minor clog in your p-trap or a significant problem in your sewage lines. Unfortunately, most people don't have these powers, so judging the severity of a clogged or backed-up drain is often challenging.

Sewer line problems don't always cause your entire home to back up. You may only experience slow-running drains until the situation eventually becomes so severe that sewage has nowhere to go except back into your house. An emergency call to a local plumber can help you get to the bottom of the problem before you're facing a costly clean-up bill.

2. Sewer Gases Can Be Dangerous

You don't need sewage to flood into your home to have a potentially hazardous plumbing situation on your hands. Modern buildings use p-traps and vents to keep sewer gases from entering your home. The p-traps create a water plug that stops gases from traveling back up through your drains, while the vent system allows those gases to escape into the atmosphere.

A venting problem or a sewage backup can both produce some nasty smells from your home's drains. If you're smelling an unusual odor, it means that sewer gases are entering your home. Relatively low amounts aren't necessarily harmful, but it's still a good idea to get a plumber to check out the problem as soon as you can.

3. Plumbing Problems Usually Get Worse

If you've owned a home for long, you probably know that plumbing problems won't resolve on their own. Ignoring a gurgling noise, slow-running drain, or foul odor will usually just lead to a bigger clog, larger backup, and more expensive repair. While an emergency call might seem like a costly option, waiting to fix the problem may be even pricier.

Although some plumbing problems are relatively minor, you shouldn't wait to deal with sewage system or plumbing vent issues. If something smells off with your home's drains, an emergency plumbing call is often your best option. 

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