Potential Heating Problems To Watch For This Winter

One issue you never want to run into on a cold day is a problem with your heating system. Unfortunately, heating problems can arise out of nowhere and leave you with no heat. Although some issues are not as major, others can become a dire emergency that needs to be repaired right away. The following are some examples of issues you could experience with your heating system:

Constant Cycling

Any time a heater turns on and off, it is called cycling. Ideally, the cycling should only occur infrequently as the system maintains your desired temperature. If you notice the heater constantly turning on and off, it can signal a problem. The issue may be no more than a dirty air filter. If cleaning the filter does not help, the issue may be with the components of the system. The blower motor could be damaged. If this is the problem, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. The heating system will not function efficiently and can ultimately cause more wear and tear.

Odd Smells

When you turn your heating system on for the first time during the winter season, it is not uncommon to smell some dust burn off. However, if your heating system is powered by gas and you notice a rotten egg scent, you need to evacuate your home right away. This smell typically indicates a gas leak in your heating system and can potentially cause an explosion. Once you are out of the house, call the fire department to have the gas disconnected. The HVAC technician can then go in and assess the issue and determine what caused the leak.

Flickering Electricity

If your heating system is in any way connected to your home's electrical panel and the lights flicker when the system cycles, there could be an issue. The problem may simply be a loose connection. However, if you see charred wires or smell burned plastic when the heating cycles on, you risk a possible fire. You should have the heating system checked right away to determine why the electricity becomes problematic when the heating system is on.

Your home's heating system is an integral part of ensuring your family is comfortable. However, you need to keep a watchful eye on any strange happenings when the heat is beginning to cycle. If you notice anything different about your heating system, be sure to call an HVAC technician right away. You never want to risk your safety. Contact a heating contractor to learn more.