3 Strange Noises That Indicate Your AC Unit Needs A Professional To Repair It

An air conditioner is vital in creating a comfortable environment in your home. But when it malfunctions, you may not enjoy staying indoors. Your AC unit can break down for various reasons, and certain signs can help you know it's time to repair it. A faulty air conditioner will make different strange noises, with each noise type indicating a certain problem. 

When you ignore the strange noises you hear from your AC unit, you end up with a completely damaged unit. This means you need to get a new air conditioner to replace the faulty one. Contact an air conditioner repair technician immediately when you hear some strange noises to make the unit more efficient. Here are various strange noises that indicate your air conditioner needs a professional to repair it.

1. The Unit Is Squealing

High-pitched noises or squealing sounds indicate your air conditioner needs repairs. Several things can cause your AC unit to squeal. Be careful not to ignore the squealing sounds because the unit could later develop a severe problem. Your AC unit may squeal if the air pressure in the compressor coil has exceeded the standard limits. 

If your air conditioner isn't repaired in good time, the excess air pressure will cause the AC unit to fail completely. So, if your air conditioner is making some squealing sounds, contact an AC technician for repair.

2. The Unit Makes Some Banging Sounds

It's hard to identify the problem your AC unit has developed just by looking at it. You need to listen to the noises the unit is making and assess if they are strange. Of course, an air conditioner will make some sounds when running, but any strange noise should worry you. 

Several things could make the unit make some rattling or banging sounds. If the fan blades are loose or damaged, the unit will make banging sounds. The unit will also make those unusual sounds if it has an unbalanced blower or if its compressor coil is worn or damaged.

3. The Unit Is Buzzing

Most air conditioners will buzz when running. However, it's worth knowing that buzzing sounds are of different types. Some are normal, but others are completely strange. If the buzzing sound is louder than usual, contact an AC professional to assess the situation. Buzzing sounds sometimes indicate that the coil or air filters in the condenser are dirty and need cleaning. If the AC unit still makes buzzing sounds after cleaning it, then a professional in air conditioner repair should work on it.

An AC unit is a good source of comfort. With timely tune-ups and proper maintenance, the unit can stay efficient for a long period. If your AC produces any of the above unfamiliar noises, contact a local HVAC contractor to learn about the process of air conditioning repair and how to get your system fixed.