Your Essential Checklist For Furnace Maintenance

As much as you would like you to ignore your HVAC system and let it run, it does need to be maintained over the years to keep it in good shape. Here are some tips for what you should be doing to maintain a furnace.

Change The Filter

If you only do one thing to maintain your furnace, you should definitely chain the air filter regularly. Not only does a new filter provide cleaner air to your home, but it makes it easier for the furnace to do its job. There is less dirt and debris in a new filter, so the air has an easier time passing through to get to your ductwork. 

Lubricate Moving Parts

Your furnace is going to have several moving parts that need to be lubricated from time to time. For example, the blower fan is what helps push all that hot air through your home and is constantly running when the furnace is in use. Make sure to read your owner's manual for more information about how to add lubrication to moving parts and how frequently to do it.

Clean The Burner Assembly

Were you aware that your furnace is likely to fail due to having a dirty burner assembly? This is due to all of the soot that can get into the burner assembly and cause it to have problems lighting. You can clean the burner assembly on your own with a wire brush to help remove as much soot as you can from the part. 

Clean The Pilot Light

The pilot light is another part of the furnace that can get quite dirty over time. Cleaning it will help prevent a potential gas leak in your home since the pilot light will be able to burn freely without any issues

Replace The Thermostat Batteries

Do you have a thermostat that still uses replaceable batteries? Make sure that you have fresh batteries in the unit before the winter comes. You do not want to run into a situation where the temperature drops, but the furnace cannot turn on due to not getting a signal from the thermostat. Thankfully, most smart thermostats do not have this problem since they contain a rechargeable battery inside the unit. 

Not sure what else you should be doing to maintain your home's furnace? Then schedule an HVAC service company to come out to your home and do all of the heating maintenance for you.