Issues Your Air Conditioner Might Encounter

A functioning air conditioning system is an essential device for keeping your home comfortable. However, these systems can encounter problems, and homeowners that are uninformed about these complicated systems will be more likely to encounter problems that could lead to disruptions and discomfort.

How Does Dusting The Unit Protect Its Performance?

There are not many types of air conditioner maintenance that are more basic than dusting its exterior. Homeowners may underestimate the importance of this work, but it can protect the system in several different ways. Dust that gets into the interior of the system can clog mechanical components and reduce the airflow into the system. Luckily, dusting the exterior of an air conditioning system is not work that will be difficult or hard. For those with window units, it is important to thoroughly dust both the interior and exterior portions of the unit. Some individuals may be tempted to use a leaf blower or another powerful fan to dust the exterior portion of the unit, but this should be avoided because the intense winds could damage the internal fan.

Is It Normal For An Air Conditioner To Produce Large Amounts Of Moisture?

Homeowners will often be surprised at the amount of moisture that their air conditioning system is producing. However, it is normal for these systems to produce somewhat large amounts of condensation. In most situations, this will not be a serious matter, but some units can experience flooding due to these large amounts of moisture. To prevent the damage that this type of moisture exposure can cause, an air conditioning system will need to have a drain attached to it that will provide for a safe path for the water to leave the unit. Homeowners will have to periodically inspect and clean these drains to prevent nesting pests, algae growths, and dirt from blocking these drains.

Do Rooftop Air Conditioners Have Different Maintenance Needs Or Problems?

In an effort to save space in the yard, homeowners will often choose to install their air conditioning system on the roof. While this can avoid wasting your limited yard space, it can slightly alter the maintenance needs of the exterior unit. One of the most common needs will be to protect the system against birds and other small mammals that may be found on your roof. Furthermore, homeowners will have to be diligent with maintaining the air conditioning system's drain. Otherwise, condensation from it could leak onto the roof where it may cause damage over a prolonged period of time.

For more information, contact an air conditioner repair company.