Tips For Handling Heating System Problems

There are some problems and issues that are especially common for residential heating systems. Being able to respond to the more common heating problems that can arise is an essential skill for homeowners to possess.

Damaged And Malfunctioning Thermostats

The thermostats can be some of the components that are at the greatest risk of suffering a failure or other performance problems. These issues arise due to the thermostat getting dirty, failing due to regular wear or sustaining impacts. Regardless of the reason that the thermostat is not performing properly, it is an issue that can have profound impacts on your home's comfort. While replacing the thermostat may be necessary, you should always attempt thoroughly cleaning it when you first notice problems with it. In many instances, cleaning the thermostat with compressed air or a hand vacuum will remove particles that were preventing the thermostat from working correctly.

Clogged Vents Or Air Bubbles In Radiators

A heating system that is unable to effectively distribute the heat that it is generating will be poorly suited to keeping your home warm. Unfortunately, homeowners often fail to ensure that their vents are clean or that their radiators are free of air bubbles. Dirty vents can severely impact the flow of warm air through the home, and air bubbles in the radiator can also present these problems. As part of your efforts for preparing your heating system for the winter, you may need to spend a few minutes  thoroughly cleaning your vents and  removing air bubbles from the radiators so that the heat will be able to travel as easily as possible through the home.

Failed Burners And Heating Elements

Combustion-based heating systems will require a burner to ignite and burn the fuel that they use. When the burner fails, the entire heating system will cease to function. In extreme cases, this can even lead to natural gas or heating oil leaks. A yearly service visit will reduce the risk of the burner failing. If you eventually notice issues with the burner, the entire system should be turned off so that repairs can be made before the burner completely fails. Electric heaters will be using heating elements that can generate intense heat with electrical currents. These elements can be some of the most parts of a heating system that are the most likely to fail. Fortunately, replacing failed heating elements is not an overly difficult repair, but it should still be completed by a heating repair professional due to safety and performance issues.