Preparing For Your New Heater Installation

You're getting a new heater installed in your home. While the contractor will take care of all the heavy lifting and will complete your project in a reasonable time frame, there are things you can do to prepare for the process. Here are things you can do to make your heater installation easier on everyone.

Choose the best time of day

You want to have your heater installed during a time of day when you can be home. Most heating specialists will try to schedule an exact time, but you have to allow a few hours leeway in the event a previous customer takes the contractor longer than they expected and they run behind. If time is a major thing to you, schedule to be the first customer of the day, so you will have your contractor arrive on time, or at least close to what you expect.

Request a call from your heating specialist should they run behind, so you can reschedule for a better time or make arrangements when you can be home. Nothing is more frustrating than not communicating with your heating contractor and having to reschedule last minute due to time constraints on either end.

Try to remove kids and pets

If you have children or pets in the home, try to keep them out of the way while the heating contractor is working on your home. Your heating specialist will bring special tools with them that can be tempting for curious little ones, or pets can accidentally get let outside when the specialist goes in and out of your home. Arrange for babysitting or keep pets in a kennel while the heating contractor is at your home so you can have the project completed with fewer interruptions.

Make space for your contractor

Clear out the area that is going to have a heater installed in it. Make room in your driveway or along the road for your heating specialist to park. Clear the sidewalks and porch areas so your contractor can easily bring in heavy equipment. This extra preparation on your part makes the installation process much easier for everyone and will be greatly appreciated by your heating specialist.

Be prepared to pay upfront

If you have to go to the bank to put funds in your account, do this before your contractor arrives. You want to pay for your services upfront, so have your finances ready so you can do so without hassle. For more information, contact your local heating installation service.