3 Things To Look For In A Good Commercial HVAC Repair Company

If you're a building owner, keeping the heat and air conditioner working properly can be the difference between a normal day and total calamity. This holds especially true if you live in a hot, humid area or in the frigid northern states during winter. If your system isn't working well, you will need to call in a commercial HVAC repair company. But not all repair companies are created equal and you'll want to do a bit of advanced research before calling in help.

Here are three things to look for in a good commercial HVAC repair company.

Emergency Service Availability

Before you start looking into the details of financing or what kind of unit models are available, check to see how and when a repair person would be available in an emergency situation. There likely won't be any local companies that man the phone 24 hours a day. But there should be a guarantee that someone will at least call you back the following day to see what the problem is with your unit.

Look for a repair company that's large enough to keep parts -- and even replacement units -- in stock at the local warehouse. This means that your problem can be fixed quickly and efficiently rather than you having to wait two weeks for parts to arrive from another state.

While you're researching the repair policies, check out the warranties available on the company's new units. A good company will offer extended warranties on all of its products.

Unit Efficiency

Compare units offered by the company to ensure that the models are efficient. You want to look for something called the SEER rating, which is a number representing the seasonal energy efficiency ratio. The lowest SEER rating that the government allows for new air conditioner units is 13. The higher the number, the better, so you want to use that 13 as an absolute lowest starting point.

Rooftop commercial units aren't always as efficient as home models due to sheer size. But it's still possible to find models well above that 13 minimum.

Financing Options

Commercial units are pricey and you might not have the full amount upfront to pay for a much needed new unit. Make sure that the repair company offers a variety of payment plans that start at a longer term such as a year and go up from there.

Ideally, the company will also have discount programs or extended payment plans if you have good credit but currently lack enough cash on hand to manage a higher payment plan program.

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